Chapter 25 – A small and cute thing

This is my first time attempting to TL a Japanese novel.

In terms of translation difficulty, I would say that We Live in Dragon’s Peak is much more tedious to TL as compared to my other project.

I wonder how many brain cells were lost during the course of translating this chapter.

Here is the chapter!

I am kinda planning to pick up “We Live in Dragon’s Peak,” but most of the readers seem to prefer Ultimate Assassin System over this one.

But then, someone pointed out that I should do a poll on a WLDP chapter as well.

(P.S. We are getting more votes for this now! Go go go!)

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  1. Thanks for the chapter and please keep translating “We Live in Dragon’s Peak”, i pretty much lost hope on this one after last translator went MIA, so im very happy that you could translate it 🙂

  2. No worries. I’ll be doing at least 2 chapters every week^^

  3. Thank you and more power!

  4. Really thanks!

  5. I love dragons peak. I started reading it ages ago but the only tl’ers that translate it go mia almost as soon as they pick it up.

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