Chapter 26 – Prospects for the future

The fans of “We live in dragon’s Peak”  had a landslide victory against the UAS fans during the last poll!

Thus, I will be working on “We Live in dragon’s Peak” dedicatedly for now.

Also, I made an attempt to make a note of how much time I usually require to translate and proofread a chapter from start to end at a stretch.

And, here is the result!

This can be described in two words: Time Killer (ಥ﹏ಥ)

To stop me from falling into depressing, our editor Brandon suggested adding ADS to the site to lure me into keeping up with the translations.

(To keep this site alive is obviously not the real reason.)

Guess what? It worked!

So, we put up some ADS here and there. We do hope that you guys can support us.

Without further ranting, here is the new chapter!

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  1. Thanks for the good work. The ads were a magnificent idea it allows people without credit cards to read the chapters without feeling guilty.

  2. Thanks for the chapter~ well there goes 2 more harem member; purishia and the [spoiler] i hate that stupid [spoiler] grrrr well at least ernea gets properly hated(envied) by other guys since he keeps getting the hot babes hahaha also this purishia girl is a girl u do NOT want to take care of …a hyperactive kid with [spoiler] no thank you~

    1. TL edit: All the [Spoiler]’s will be revealed in the next episode of Dragonba.. Ehem.. In the next chapter of “We Live in dragon’s Peak!”

  3. ∧_∧  
    (=’.’=)  Thanks!!
    (“”)_(“”) Nepu!!! 

    1. You’re welcome!!

  4. Jay of the Void says: Reply

    As long as the ads don’t randomly pop-up and redirect me to hell, I’m fine with that. A lot of translators these days stupidly take their implementation of ads too far leaving me with no choice but to use an Ad blocker since I’m redirected away from their site otherwise.

    1. I did my best to limit it to 2 Ads per page, one is in the sidebar and one at the end of every post. For the mobile version, I couldn’t test the Ads very well so do let me know if you get random redirects to other pages while browsing.

  5. This is so weird….having a chapter released so soon after another when we usually have to wait several months for someone else to randomly pick this up o_O

    1. I did mention that I am picking this up though XD

  6. Thanks for translating this, I can’t wait to see how he gets later into the novel.

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