Chapter 27 – Young lady and the Kitten

“We Live in Dragon’s Peak” is steadily gaining popularity with every chapter!

Translator notes:

(1) Certain words, for example, “Spirit,” have been used very repetitively in the JP raws for this chapter. I have switched it with soul, phantom, ghost and apparition since repetitive word usage is not preferable as per EN grammar standards. I’m just giving a heads up that it all refers to the same thing.

(2) Certain JP words have been left in Romaji, meaning written as they would usually sound when spoken in JP since there was no EN replacement for these words.

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Without further ranting, here is the new chapter!

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    (=’.’=)  Thanks!!
    (“”)_(“”) Nepu!!!

  3. I’m glad! I really like we live in dragon’s peak. I look forward to the character’s relationships and how our MC grows. Thank you for the translations.

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  5. Keep up the good work i cant wait for the next.

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