Chapter 28 – Wanko and Nyanko

No, this series is not on hiatus, neither am I dropping it, and no, I am not busy with life either.

If you want to blame anyone for such a late update, then blame Vainglory.

(You can blame it here if you are using iOS)

By the way, if you play it too, then add me.

IGN: CrazeValkyrie

Alright, back to the game now.

Almost forgot, here is the new chapter!

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  2. thnks for the chapter

  3. So how’s that game?

  4. >_> Sorry to bother, but….has it been 7 days yet?

  5. Well, thank you for translating this as long as you did.

  6. I hope this hasent died… its a really good series

  7. Dead or alive?

  8. dropped?

  9. New chapter please

  10. Could you guys let people know you’ve dropped Dragon’s Peak in case someone else becomes interested in translating it? Again, thank you for the time you did spend on it. The series seems cursed to never have a dedicated translator though 🙁

  11. hi your 7 day has been past for 6/7 week

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