Chapter 3 – Storm Bear of Ax Gang

It took longer than expected to adjust to my new job.

After disappearing for several months altogether, here is a new chapter:

Chapter 3 – Storm Bear of Ax Gang

I will try to post a new chapter every week from now on.

Also, I am considering about picking up We Live in Dragon’s Peak.

I feel that translating dragon’s peak would be much faster and more enjoyable as compared to Ultimate Assassin System.


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  1. WLDP is good…. But i also like UAS… But I guess as a JP Mainstreamer I would vote for WLDP. .

  2. Is good that you return XD but, i like that you post more chapters for week
    Thx for UAS XD

  3. Billy Bob Joe says: Reply

    Obviously if you post this in the UAS chat , it will win the poll , maybe you should psot it on nuf? Thanks for the chapter

  4. Ah, that’s right. I’ll put up the same poll on a WLDP chapter as well.
    Also, @Haseo, I’ll try to keep up the pace from now on.
    @Yunchii, Thanks for the feedback!
    Thanks for visiting everyone 🙂

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