We Live in Dragon’s Peak – Glossary

Contains Spoilers. The list is updated till the latest translated chapter.

◇ Ernea・Isu

This story’s protagonist. Has chestnut colored hair. He is a bit shorter than the average guys at his age & he has a cute face. He has a cute smile unlike any boy & he is actually second to Ristia on the popularity with women. Although he is unaware of that himself. He is studying under the Forest of Dragon’s guardian dragon where he learned the Dragon Blade Dance.

◇ Sleigstar

Has golden eyes. Also, has a long tail. His body is covered with a glossy lacquer black scales & before his limbs were his wings are rooted while his mane and the circumference of his mouth had a black colored hair. He is a huge dragon that was like a mountain. He has been protecting the Spirit Tree for about 2000 years now & he is an Ancient kind of Dragon from the legends.
But he actually likes making pranks & Mistral is always getting angry from his jokes.The former、the one before that former、let’s just say that every successive person that was taking care of him was constantly harassed with pranks by him. Though he has the dignity as an old dragon but he is gentle and won’t get angry by something petty. But if it involved the forest or the Spirit Tree, even with the visitors of the forest that has earned his interest 、he won’t be lenient as he would be severe to those people.

◇ Mistral

She is the first Bridal Candidate of Ernea & is 3 years older than him. She is the current caretaker of Sleigstar. She is a lovely girl that has a blonde hair that was nearly silver which goes down to her thighs. The slit of her eyes are long & she is a Dragonian that has eyes that is colored blue like a jewel. She has a small face with a seemingly tender and thin lips. Though she looks delicate but her body is actually like forced steel & her height is taller from all the girls.
She holds the Highest title from all Dragonians which is the Dragon Princess. She is in a different league when it comes to Dragon power and Dragon techniques so she isn’t only respected by the Dragonians but the Dragons too.
She is an able girl that can do all housework as she didn’t have any carelessness nor anything that she doesn’t know.

◇ Ruiseine・Neferu

She is a War Shrine maiden with soft emerald green long hair that reaches down to her bottom. She is beautiful and has a graceful personality. However she is unexpectedly positive & she is full of curiosity. She is slowly falling for Ernea.


◇ Ristia

The chosen Hero of the Holy Sword of Flame. He is a handsome youth who has blue eyes and blond hair that reach to his shoulders. His movements and behavior is elegant with his tall stature as he is a perfect Hero-sama who is loved by everyone in the Amuado Kingdom.
The things that he does is appropriate for his title as a Hero & he has already shown his skills at his young age of 10. He fancies beautiful girls than cute girls. The true colors of his Holy flame sword is just a sword with a strong amount of magical power. It was one of the masterpieces of a magician in the east.

◇ Serisu

Amuado Kingdom’s 4th Princess. Ristia’s legal wife candidate. She is a sweet girl that has a soft blue hair. She was the jewel of the Kingdom. She has the reputation as the most beautiful girl in the whole kingdom、But she is unexpectedly scary when angered and could maybe even scare off an earth dragon. She stole a weapon with strong magical power from the royal family’s storage warehouse which was a slim and beautiful sword.

◇ Neimi

Ristia’s 2nd bridal candidate. She is a girl who uses boku & her orange colored hair is short while the ends of it looks like a splash. Her movements look like a small squirrel which she is often teased about. She is quick as she has shown her fast movements as a combatant in the Hero’s party. Her weapon is a single edged sword which Serisu has stolen from the royal treasure storage.

◇ Kiri・Sefa

The 3rd bridal candidate of the Hero. A droopy eyed senior shrine maiden. She is the childhood friend of Ruiseine as they were both taught by an old woman so their speech and behavior really looked alike. She has a calm personality & she doesn’t panic so much. Though she would gesture with her eyes when she’s angry but it didn’t have any strength in it. Though her weapon is a naginata but she isn’t used to using it so she is poor at combat. She chiefly contributes to the Hero’s party as a healer.

◇ Inea・Karusuneoru

With a childish face、she is often seen as someone who is younger. She’s friends with Ruiseine and Kiri & since from the time that the demons appeared atthe ruins、She and Ristia has become closer. She is the 4th bridal candidate of the Hero. Though she’s very energetic but she isn’t good at combat since she’s a shrine maiden. But she is good at using some Holy magic attacks、So she is assigned to the role of attacking from afar with Kurishio. Her weapon is a naginata.

◇ Slatton・Wogaru

Ristia’s trusted right arm. His black hair looks like bed hair that wasn’t fixed while being a tall guy himself. He’s the childhood friend of Ristia & at a pure sword battle、he is the sole person that can come close to Ristia。Though he can also use Ki techniques, but he can only use it on a short time since he is roughly using his Ki. His hobby is teasing Ernea. He loves Kurishio from the bottom of his heart. His weapon is a dual handed long sword.

◇ Kurishio

She is mutually in love with Slatton and is one of the beautiful girls of the Hero’s party. For the sake of Slatton who acts together with Ristia、she naturally entered the party. She had a long black hair as she often throws it to her back. She is from a lineage of sorcerers so she was severely trained from infancy so she’s now first class at it. She is weak against physical damaging enemies so she uses magic while being protected by Kiri and Inea.

◇ Large Wolf Demonic Beast
It has gray hair with the appearance of a large wolf demon beast. She’s a female who is interested in Ernea. She usually, uses a technique that hides the noise of one’s walking as she excels at being hidden. Since Sleigstar didn’t do anything、she has settled in the forest of dragons & summoned her companions. However, since Mistral knocked her down so she absolutely obeys Mistral’s commands.