Chapter 26 – Prospects for the future

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A lot of Elven elders arrived to greet us in the village square. I wonder if people from the outside world are rare here, are my round ears that unusual? Suddenly, a large number of people gather and surrounded us. This made me wonder, which of us is the legendary race here? The Elven elders spoke very intimate as they shook hands with me.

“Hehehe, Ernea is very popular.”

Mistral seems to be glad that the village elders accepted me without hesitation.

“Why am I so popular?”

No matter how I look at it, everyone was giving me just much attention. A large number of elven elders kept on coming continuously. Though I said, it was a festival; I thought that it might be a welcome celebration for us instead. But before I could entertain this ridiculous thought, the crowd of elders suddenly parted left and right while making way for someone.

As I directed my slight onwards, a granny walked over while supporting herself with a cane.

“It is the great grandmother Yūryi-sama.”

I bowed down hastily as Mistral revealed the elder’s identity. While bowing down, I noticed that I don’t have any idea about the etiquette followed by the Elves.

“Nice to meet you, human child. Thank you for coming for my birthday celebration.”

It was the birth festival of elder instead.

“Nice to meet you. I am called Ernea Isu. To be invited here is an honor.”

“Fu fu fu, don’t be so humble, fiancé of the dragon princess, I welcome you heartily.”

Oh, it is because I am the future husband of Mistral that they welcomed me to the greatest extent possible, which was just impossible otherwise. I feel relieved since now I know a little about my position.

Nevertheless, the title of the dragon princess incredible as even the Great Elder of Elves has to pay respect to her.

“This is a small place, but please enjoy today.”

We were all healed by the gentle smile of the granny with a cane. It was a smile spilled over by nature itself.

“Let us have a seat, Elder-dono.”

A beautiful woman takes the hand of the grandma and guides her to the center of the square.

Is it probably the heart of the village? The middle of the plaza one step higher, and around the plaza are gorgeous flowers and decorative branches.
At the center of the square, grandma and some old people nestled together.

Plenty of people had gathered in the plaza, with cups filled with sake in their hands.
The seating arrangement was plentiful, and they started serving several dishes that I had never seen before.

Both me and Mistral receive a cup of sake from a man nearby.

“Then, it seems that all the distinguished guests have gathered.”

A mature man who stood next to the elders raised his cup.
His long mustache is cool.

“To celebrate the 1321st birthday of our senior!”

I toasted and raised my cup in chorus everyone.

From here on, it became a grand celebration. Everyone was drunk and singing loudly. The beverages served had a fruity tint, and the food was very delicious as well.

The granny also seemed to be delightfully celebrating with everyone.
Mistral was surrounded by ladies of the Elven village and gave their blessing for her marriage with a human boy. Mistral blushed bashfully from beginning to end.

And I was surrounded by the male camp.

“You, how dare you take our Mistral-sama away!”
“Let’s get used to it.”
“I absolutely won’t acknowledge this!!”

I could only give a wry smile when several grudges resounded among the voices of men.
Agreeing to the challenge of people, I prepared myself to run around the village.
It was an event where they had to catch me, and even the prizes are ready beforehand.

“Come on, those who catch Ernea, the future husband of Mistral-sama, will receive a reward from the elders.”

Cheers erupted from the elders as soon as the master of ceremony declared this.

I, I’m S-sorry! Please forgive me!

I thought that the elves head group was good at wisdom and assumed it to be an elegant tribe. I felt a sense of intimacy, the way they enjoyed making a fuss like human beings.

But I am totally disappointed to be caught and mobbed.
I escaped desperately.

I thought of asking Mistral for help, but she was unexpectedly having fun while talking to the elder granny. I wonder what they are talking about. I can not afford to think about such a thing. I have to get away.

I hid in the bushes, hiding under the eaves.
But there was no way I could hide from the elven tribe who knew the village, they immediately found me and gave chase.

Fufufu. But I did not get caught. I’m confident of running away. I always ran away from the Large Demonic Wolf Beast earlier. I raised by physical strength with dragon pulse and escaped. People admired me as I escaped, as expected of Mistral-sama’s future husband.

Well, is that praise for running away? Or are they complimenting my handling of dragon pulse? It is a subtle thing.

While running around, I hid in the shadow of one of the village houses.
Since I ran further away from the people chasing me, I wonder if I can take a break for a while. I breathed out roughly while being wary of the surroundings.

“Ah, today is the elven grandmother’s birthday celebration. So why am I being chased around.”

I grumbled about it alone.

“Yes, it is a celebration for the great grandmother.”
“So so, do not chase me around, and go celebrate with your grandmother.”
“But, the village became fun, and the great grandmother seemed glad too.”
“Ehehe, is that so?”

N n? Who the hell was I talking to? I looked around while regaining situational awareness after a long time. I thought that there was no one around, but then there was a nudge at the hem of my clothes.

Surprised, I shifted my line of sight.

“N’ntto, Kon’nichiwa.”
(TL: Romaji is more suitable for this kid’s tone)

Before I knew it, a small girl stood under my feet.

“Ko, kon’nichiwa.”

I was so surprised that I opened my eyes wide in a circle.
I thought that everyone was scattered and nobody was there.
I was caught by a girl before I noticed.

A huge smile floated on the girl’s face.

She is so cute!

Her hair seems so fluffy fluffy with the same chestnut color as mine. Her eyes are pretty as a cat, and her lips are slightly peachy. I could see long drooping ears through the gap between the hair. She is small and has a small animal-like atmosphere. I guess her age is about five years old.

“Aree, you caught me while I was unaware.”
“I caught you, that’s it.”

The little girl was holding the hem of my clothes, unwilling to separate from me.

“You see, can you overlook me this once?”
“No, no way.”

The little girl shook her head in denial.

It is cute.

I am boiling with an urge to hug her. This is my first time seeing such an adorable child.

“Could you tell me your name?”

I will give up if it is to be caught by this girl.

I crouched down and at the little girl.

“N’ntto, Purishia!”

Purishia-chan greeted me while we were found by an adult who arrived nearby.

“Were you hiding in such a place?”

However, she found me. I obediently revealed the fact that Purishia-Chan caught me.

“I was captured by Purishia-chan.”
“What, you were already caught? Well, it can’t help it then.”

On seeing Purishia-Chan who was firmly grasping the hem of my clothes, the adult who came running also gave up.

“Well then, let’s return to the open square?”

The elder also shrugged their shoulders regrettably and returned.
He seemed to want to catch me from since a long time, but then a little girl took the lead. I could only smile wryly at the depressed reaction of the elder.

By the way, I have hardly seen any children, I wonder why.

I join hands with Purishia-Chan and return to the plaza and observe those who come back.
Most of the people are adults, and there are a few boys and girls like Mistral and me. But, I did not see any child as small as Purishia-chan.

“Is there no other child who is the same age as Purishia-chan?”
“N’ntto, Purishia is the youngest in the village, everyone else is older than me.”

Purishia-Chan said while looking up to me.
That reminds me, I read in stories that the Elves have a very long lifetime. Thus it ‘s hard for children to be born.

“Is that so?”

Then, it seems there is no other child of the same age for her to play along. While I thought about that, we had already arrived at the open square.

Everyone applauded for Purishia-Chan after we came back. Purishia-Chan is embarrassed on being praised. Her cheeks were dyed red, and she clung on to me.

So cute~

As I loosened my cheeks, Mistral came close.
Hey, she looks at me with murderous eyes.

“Ernea has such a hobby?”

No, not a hobby, this. It is a misunderstanding. Look at the cute Purishia-chan, isn’t she just so lovely while smiling?

“You are misunderstanding it.”

Mistral looks at me coldly who is waving his hands to deny it. Please believe me. I am not a lolicon

Uuu… I was tearing eyed when Mistral blew out laughing.

“I’m sorry. I teased you too much.”
“S-so cruel, Mistral.”

Mistral comes close and strokes my head to comfort me and help cheer up, while the people around begin to make fun of us.

This time, I feel that even Mistral was embarrassed.

“Oh my, Purishia-Chan caught Ernea.”

The elves grandmother arrived and stroked Purishia-chan’s head who was still clinging on to me.

“N’ntto, I caught him on my own.”

Everyone smiled at the charm of Purishia-Chan who points to the direction of the day after tomorrow.

“Well then, I have to give you a reward.”
“N’ntto, Purishia wants Onii-chan.”

Declaring as such, Purishia-chan heartily embraced me.

“Oh, my!”

Mistral smiles wryly, and the Elves are very surprised.
I was surprised as well. I wonder what is so good about me.

“Well then, there is no helping it.”

And the grandmother also consents readily.

“Eh, eh.. what!!”

Everyone except Grandma and Purishia-Chan cried out amazement.

“My grandmother, you must not speak so lightly, because this little child will actually believe it.”

I talked in a hurry with an irritated tone, but I do not have an ear to listen. (TL: The second part means “To turn deaf ears to”)
I mumbled and went back to my original place; there was no helping it.

“E, Ernea, What on earth did you do exactly?”

Mistral shows a perplexed expression. Well, I do not understand it too. I did not do anything that would get me Purishia-chan’s favor.
I was troubled, and the elves were troubled as well.
On the other hand, Purishia-Chan was seemingly happy and dancing around joyfully.

“Great-grandmother always causes a frenzy by saying dangerous things mockingly.”
“As expected of the great-great-grandchild of our ancestor. Purishia-chan surprises us every time.”
“Well, can you drink as much as I can?”

The people of Elven family disperse while leaking various comments unanimously.

Well, why aren’t they treating this matter seriously? A little girl from the Elven family taking a liking to a young human boy who’s age is well above her.
Where are your parents?
What on earth are they?

Only I and Mistral were left behind with an expression of the perplexity.

“Elnea, You should talk a little with the elder, I will look after Purishia-chan.”

Mistral says with a sigh.

Yes, I understand. I tried to head towards grandma, but Purishia-Chan didn’t let me get away.

“Purishia-Chan, could you stay with your elder sister for some time?”

Mistral stooped down and requested.

“No, no way.”

However, Purishia-Chan stubbornly refused to separate from me.

“It can’t help it, let us go see grandma together.”
“Umm… well then, please take care.”

Me and the Mistral smile wryly. And so, Mistral and I entered the female quarters and headed to the center of the hall to where grandma was while holding hands with Purishia-chan.

[Translated by Vitus at ExMachina.Asia]

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