Chapter 28 – Wanko and Nyanko

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Translator: Vitus
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“N’ntto, Purishia is going out of the village for the first time.”

Mistral and I head towards the forest, along with Purishia-Chan and fake Nyanko (kitten).
With the fake kitten on her head, Purshia-Chan was in a good mood.
In contrast to her mood, Mistral and I were perplexed.
The fake Nyanko was meowing to match with Purishia-chan’s humming.

We decided to rush ahead since it was almost evening. Anyways, I must head home before the sun sets.
It seems that Mistral would be staying with Purishia-Chan at the green square today.

What on Earth is the fake kitten though? Or rather, we, including the people at the Elven tribe had slightly noticed its character, I decided to confirm the fact from the mouth of Elder Sleigstar instead of making a wild guess.
This is because Elder Sleigstar is an ancient dragon that protects the forest.

We need to rush in any case.

Purishia-Chan walks a bit ahead of me while Mistral saunters while having a light conversation with me. They seem to be enjoying it.

“Ah, Wanko!”

Purshia-Chan suddenly stopped and pointed to the depths of the forest.
At the place which Purshia-Chan said, the big gray wolf was standing, and watching was interesting.
That fellow appeared again without discernment.
I wonder what it came out for.

Mistral recalls Purishia-chan probably because I am cautious.

“No, no~.”
“Nyan Nyan”

However, Purishia-Chan was greatly interested in that beast and refused to come back here.

“Big big Wanko” (TL: Wanko=doggy)

That wolf is not a bad guy. But still, it is witty and dangerous.
Mistral sighs, and goes to get Purshia-chan.

But, it was too late.

Purishia-chan disappears in a moment while laughing casually and happily.

“Wanko soft.”

In the next moment, Purishia-chan was riding on the back of the gray wolf.

Mistral, I and the beast, all of us are simultaneously surprised.
Especially the beast was too bewildered and jumped when Purishia-Chan suddenly pounced on its back.
Purishia-Chan couldn’t bear the strong momentum and was thrown away.
I could only vacantly stare while Purishia-Chan was catapulted into the air.

But the next moment, Purishia-chan disappeared again.
And again, she pounced on the back of the wolf.

What is going on?

I am confused and unable to understand the situation.
The beast was also surprised and bounced again.
Purishia-Chan has swung away once again.
But, at that moment, she disappears yet again and appears on the back of the beast.

“What, what is going on?”

I cried.
The beast also struggles violently without being able to figure out anything.
Every time Purishia-chan has swung away, she appears again on the monster’s back as if nothing happened.

“Good grief.”

It seems that Mistral understands the situation, and heads to the monster and Purishia-chan with a sign.

“Do not play with the magical beast!”

Mistral catches Purishia-chan as she is knocked off by the animal.

At last, on being released, the monster disappeared in a hurry.
Oh, the fake Nyanko also rolls her eyes while on top of Purishia-chan’s head.

“It was fun!”

A big smile floated on Purishia-chan’s face.
This is a mess caused without reason.

“We cannot reach Grandpa’s place if you keep playing with monsters.”
“N’ntto, the dragon grandpa?”
“That’s right. We are going to meet them now.”
“Waku waku!” (TL: Exciting!)

Purishia-Chan held Mistral’s hand obediently and started walking around.

“Wa, wait a minute!”

I also followed in a hurry.

“What was that just now?”

I catch up and inquire.


Purishia-chan ponders while holding her index finger to her cheek.

“Onii-chan wants to try it too?”

While saying that, Purishia-chan clings on to my hand.


At the instant when I heard the heard the voice of Mistral,

My vision blurred and reflected a different landscape. I was standing at a spot a bit far away from Mistral.

“Huh huh huh?”

I was struck by a sudden feeling of nausea and vomited.
My head aches and I feel dizzy.
I throw up once again due to severe heartburn.

“Kora, Purishia-chan. Do not do that to people who aren’t accustomed to it.”

Mistral scolds Purishia-chan with an angry face.

“N’ntto, I’m sorry.”

Purishia-chan rubs my back.
My heartburn slowly went away, but a headache and dizziness continued.
That’s it. Like how I feel motion sick if I ride a carriage for a long time, I think this feeling is similar to it.

By the way, what was that just then? When Purshia-Chan held my hand, and the next moment I was at a place away from Mistral.

“Ernea, are you alright?”

Mistral looked at me anxiously while sprinkling water on my face from a water canteen.

“Spatial jump makes a person nauseated if one is not accustomed to it. Purishia, be careful.”

Purishia-Chan looks depressed after being scolded by Mistral.

Was that a spatial leap?
I remember it. The elves have the ability to instantaneously move in short distances. I wonder if this is it?

“Amazing, amazing… It’s amazing that Purishia-Chan can do such a thing.”

On being praised, Purishia-chan’s eyes shine with delight.

“Kora, don’t pamper her.”

Though Mistral was disgusted, I am impressed. At any rate, I had a very valuable experience. I bet even the hero has probably never experienced this before.

I rinsed my mouth and danced in joy with Purishia-chan.
Mistral grieves as she watches me as if I am a child as well.
The fake nyanko is still rolling its eyes while on top of Purishia-chan’s head.
After sharing our joy in this way, we began advancing through the forest once again.

Soon enough, our mood turned back to the usual as we arrived at our destination.

“I’m home.”
“I am back now.”
“N’ntto, hello?”

We enter the moss square.
Elder Sleigstar welcomed us while being seated at his usual place.

“Hoh, a kid from the Elven tribe. This one appreciates’s your visit.”

Elder Sleigstar looks at Purishia-Chan who came along and smiles.
After all, cuteness is justice.
There is no creature who would think that Purishia-Chan is not cute.

“Hmm, thou has such a hobby? Then was Mistral too old for you?”

Mistral’s face went stiff.

“G, Grandpa what are you talking about? I am not a pervert!”

I vindicate in a hurry.

“O, onii-chan, are you a hentai?”

Purishia-Chan asked innocently. Cold eyes of Mistral are painful.

“Ka ka ka, There is nothing to worry about. I am tolerant of your preferences.”

Elder Sleigstar laughed pleasantly. Purishia-chan also seems to be enjoying this.

I need to change the topic somehow. Otherwise, Mistral’s blunt weapon will come flying. I’m scared.

“Th-that’s right, Grandpa.”

I grabbed the fake nyanko from the top of Purishia-chan’s head and showed it to grandpa.

“This child appeared in the Elven tribe is that correct?”

Elder Sleigstar becomes perceptive on noticing the fake nyanko which I have grabbed.

“Oh, why did this person came to this forest?”

Apparently, they seem to know the identity of the fake nyanko.
Elder Sleigstar stares intently at the fake nyanko.

“Put that person down and move away from thee.”

Elder Sleigstar gives instructions in an unusually serious tone.
As told, I place the fake nyanko on the moss and take Mistral and Purishia-chan away.

On confirming that I am at a safe distance, the eyes of Elder Sleigstar shine in a golden light.

I guess I brought along a dangerous creature.
We watch while taking deep breaths.

“What are you doing !?”

He did it. This old man. The fake Nyanko has been blown away.
The fake nyanko screams and disappears into the forest.


Elder Sleigstar laughs loudly.
Fuck, we were deceived. Deliberately creating a tense situation and fooling around with us.


Purishia-chan hurriedly chased towards the forest of old trees.

“Oh, wait a minute.”

I also followed after Purishia-chan.

“Old man, get over here.”

Mistral’s bloodlust exploded as she pulled our a jet black stick.

“Wait wait wait wait. don’t jump to hasty conclusions!”

Elder Sleigstar exclaimed impatiently. I understand what’s going to happen; next is the result of such foolish actions.
There is no room for sympathy. Also, while being chased by Purshia-Chan, the fake nyanko came back from the forest of old trees.

It flapped its pair of black wings and returned flying.
“Nyanko is flying!”

Purishia-chan’s eyes turned round in surprise.
E’tto, there were wings on its back since it met us. Perhaps Purishia-Chan really thought that it was a nyanko all this time.

“Ho, hora, the little girl has come back. Do not go around hitting me like that!”

As we returned, the fierce battle between Elder Sleigstar and Mistral was unfolding.

“Grandpa! Nyanko came back!”

Purishia-chan seemed euphoric while embracing fake nyanko and returned to Elder Sleigstar.

“Ho, hora Mistral, don’t be so unreasonable.”

Elder Sleigstar avoided Mistral’s blunt weapon while trying to talk it out.

“Come on, elven kid. Leave that little thing on the ground.”
“You will not do anything strange anymore.”

Elder Sleigstar nods shakily at the threat of Mistral without showing any dignity.

For the second time, we take our distance from the fake nyanko.

“Well, play time is over. Show thou true appearance little lass.

Elder Sleigstar’s majestic voice echoed through the moss square.

“Ni ~a~an”

Elder Sleigstar and the fake nyanko’s line of sight intersected for a brief period, and the nyanko cried like the howling of a cat.


The body of the fake nyanko grew gigantically.

The wings on the back spread out widely, and the tail that grew longer according to the body turned enormously sharp.
The two sheep-like horns raised their sharpness substantially, and that rounded face changed to that of a dragon.

As we gazed at the spectacular scene, the fake Nyanko transformed into an enormous winged dragon.

[Translated by Vitus at ExMachina.Asia]

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